Diablo Immortal: What is Combat Rating and how to increase it?


Combat rating in Diablo Immortal is one of the more complex systems in the game, and it could take some time for players to understand its nuances. It is visible in the attributes section and can be seen in "Secondary Attributes."

Combat rating might not be straightforward, as multiple factors determine the score. More importantly, players have to fully understand the system, as it will allow them to increase their combat rating properly.

Diablo Immortal: What is Combat Rating and how to increase it?

Diablo Immortal's combat rating system is a mix of multiple factors

Four factors determine combat rating in Diablo Immortal, including the following:

Gear rarity

Gear score

Equipped Gems

The state of the Helliquary

These four factors combine to determine combat rating, which directly reflects the player's performance in combat. Combat rating is a score that determines how much a player damages their enemies. If a player's combat rating is significantly higher than their enemies, the enemy will receive much more damage.

Similarly, enemies also have a combat rating that can influence the battle. For example, enemies with more combat ratings will cause more damage to players.

Diablo Immortal: What is Combat Rating and how to increase it?

How to improve combat rating in Diablo Immortal?

The easy process of increasing combat ratings focuses on the four factors mentioned above.

Gear Rarity: For a layman, rarer gears will have higher combat ratings due to better power, combat stats, etc. Rare gears also allow players to upgrade and increase their ranks. All of this results in the player getting a better combat rating.

Diablo Immortal: What is Combat Rating and how to increase it?

Gear Score: As mentioned in the point mentioned above, upgrading gears results in higher ranks. These ranks translate into higher combat ratings. When switching the gears, players will also get the option to transfer the ranks if that's applicable.

Gems: Gems have the strongest impact among all things in Diablo Immortal. While the rare gems are easier to get, the legendary ones have the biggest impact. However, any gem will increase the combat ratings of the players.

Helliquary: It will take some time for players to unlock the Helliquary, where many quests are available. Completing these quests offers perks and boosts to the players, which allows them to increase their combat rating.

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