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How to create the ultimate Christmas dinner


How to create the ultimate Christmas dinner

Trim the tree, roast the potatoes and stuff the turkey – it's Christmas! Cook up a delicious Christmas dinner and put on a spread you'll be proud to serve with our spectacular seasonal recipes and top tips. We've also got a handy roast timer tool so there will be no guessing whether the turkey's ready.

How to make the ultimate turkey

Learn how to make the ultimate turkey every time with our foolproof tips. Serve up a stunning meal and learn everything there is to know about carving, cooking and serving your Christmas main.

How to make the ultimate roast potatoes

Discover our favourite chef's tips for making the ultimate roast potatoes. From the best fat to use to the secret to fluffy spuds, this guide has it all. Once you've mastered the technique, try our favourite roast potato recipes.

How to make the ultimate Brussels sprouts

Master the art of this classic side by learning how to make the ultimate Brussels sprouts. Try our favourite traditional recipes or an unusual new twist to turn this standard veg into a true showstopper.

How to make the ultimate Yorkshire puddings

Learn our top tips for making Yorkshire puddings, including how to acheive the perfect rise and that characteristic crispy puff, then make our top-rated Yorkshire pudding recipe.

How to make the ultimate gravy

Who can resist a jug of silky-smooth gravy? It's the perfect way to top off Christmas dinner, and with our guide to making the ultimate gravy you're sure to end up with the perfect texture and great flavour.

How to make the ultimate trifle

This festive family favourite is a surefire crowd-pleaser. Become a pudding perfectionist with our guide on how to make the ultimate trifle. Try using up Christmas leftovers to create a classic dessert, or try a marvellous mash-up, like our Black Forest trifle.

How to make the ultimate mince pies'

The mince pie is the undisputed king of Christmas treats. We asked our foodie experts how to make the ultimate mince pies, and they've given their best tips for achieving a perfectly spiced filling and golden, crumbly crust.

Take a look at our ultimate mince pie recipe collection for even more decadent pastry bites.

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