Pokémon Go guide - Trainer levels, XP, and Lucky Eggs


Pokémon Go guide - Trainer levels, XP, and Lucky Eggs

In Pokémon Go, your Pokémon can only be as strong as you are, so you need to increase your Trainer Level as you play. In this Pokémon Go guide, we’ll list the XP requirements per level, rewards you get for leveling up, and explain how to make the most of your Lucky Eggs.

As you level from 1 to 40, you only need to collect XP, with the amount you need per level increasing exponentially. However, once you want to go above 40, you need to gain XP and complete some tasks.

You get XP just from playing, as nearly everything in the game rewards it. Catching Pokémon, evolving Pokémon, raiding, and hatching eggs all reward XP.


You can use Lucky Eggs to double your XP. They normally last for 30 minutes. You can get Lucky Eggs from event research tasks from time to time, but you’ll mainly have to buy them in the shop. One Lucky Egg costs 80 PokéCoins, and a set of eight costs 500 PokéCoins. They can also frequently be found in various shop bundles.

Use Lucky Eggs during events that offer double XP with high incentive to catch things. This includes some Community Days or raid days. We also recommend using a Lucky Egg when you reach Ultra and Best Friends with any friends. Lucky Eggs double the XP gained from friendship ranking up, so you can get 100,000 XP for hitting Ultra Friends and a whopping 200,000 XP for achieving Best Friends.

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