How Do I Trade With Other Players in Rocket League?


How Do I Trade With Other Players in Rocket League?

Trading is an online feature that allows you to exchange Rocket League Items with other players. Players can enable/disable trading by changing the Allow Player-to-Player Trading setting in the Interface tab of the Settings menu.

If you are a child and your parent hasn't helped you set up your account, you may have a Cabined Account with different features. If you think you might have a Cabined Account, visit: Why does my Rocket League account say that some features are disabled?

Once parental controls are set up for your account, you may be granted access to additional in-game features allowed by your parent or guardian.

Purchased items can only be traded on the platform they were purchased on. You can only trade with other players logged into the same platform as you. For example, if you build a Blueprint with Credits on Xbox, you can only trade it on Xbox.

To reduce fraud, players involved in any trade must have purchased at least 500 Credits (or Esports Tokens, Starter Pack, etc). This does not apply to players who played before the Free to Play update.

Follow these steps to start a trade with another player:

Launch Rocket League

Invite the other player to a party

Ensure that both players have their Allow Player-to-Player Trading setting checked (enabled)

Select the Invite to Trade button

Select the Items or Credits you want to offer and confirm the other player’s offerings

Select Accept

Wait for the Accept button to become available while you review the offerings

Press and hold the Accept button

Keep the following in mind to ensure things go smoothly:

Both players must be online to initiate and complete a trade.

A trade is processed when both players confirm it. If either player changes the trade the confirmation is canceled.

Both players must confirm the trade before it goes through.

Both players will get confirmation prompts of the items received.

Be sure to double-check each Item on the Review Your Trade screen.

Trading in small batches makes it easier to keep an eye on everything.

Exercise caution when trading. It is the responsibility of all players to ensure that a trade is fair before confirming.

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